Lesson Planning & Curriculum

Lesson Plan/Curriculum

Am I required to create a personalized lesson plan for the student?

Yes. The client will be relying on your expertise to properly guide their child to achieve their academic expectations and goals. 

While this may include only homework help, be prepared to uncover areas of needed improvement for review at future sessions.

Include any findings, your plans, and any academic goals for the student in the "End of the Session Summary" email sent to the parent and cc'ed to registration@mycredentialedteacher.com. 

Do you have a specific curriculum to assign to students?

No. But, students can take a computerized academic diagnostic from Curriculum Associates,  http://i-ready.com. The diagnostic will recommend a personalized student lesson plan using the CA workbooks. Learn more. If you'd like to use the suggested curriculum, let us know and after we confirm with the parent, we can order it.

Can I ask parents to reimburse curriculum purchased specifically for their child?

Yes. Talk with the parent prior to purchasing any materials and confirm the parent will reimburse you. Reimbursements will be paid directly to you by the parent. Be sure to provide them with a receipt or proof of purchase.

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