Booking & Earnings

How can I improve my chances of being booked?

  1. List more grade levels and subjects you are comfortable teaching.
  2. Consider expanding the areas where you are available to teach.
  3. Add more calendar availability.

How much am I paid?

My Credentialed Teacher pays teachers 70% of the tuition fees with the remaining percentage applied to our companies operating expenses.

Payment per session varies based on the services provided. Fees range from $70 per hour for elementary age students to $110 per hour for AP/IB/SAT/ACT instruction.

Grade/Subject Tuition per Hour Teacher's Hourly Take Home
Elementary/All Subjects $70 $49
Middle/All Subjects $80 $56
High/All Basic Subjects $90 $63
High/AP and IB $110 $77
High/SAT and ACT $110 $77
College Application Assistance $110 $77

How soon do I get paid?

Payment is sent to your checking account 3-5 days after the session. Please contact us if your payment has not arrived within 7 days.

We take your privacy professionally and seriously.

My Credentialed Teacher respects your privacy and does not use your information to promote our tutoring services. We respect the experience and qualifications of all our teachers and are focused on promoting our community of teachers as a whole.

You may be asked to write 3-4 sentences about yourself for the "Get to Know Your Teacher" email that is sent to parents after you've confirmed the booking.

To keep you anonymous on our website, you will be listed as your English honorific, first name and last initial.

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