Teacher Selection Process

Teacher Selection Process

How do you choose my child's tutor?

Our software algorithm filters and compares your child's data with our teachers' data to find the most suitable match. If there is ever an error in our algorithm, please let us know so we can adjust our software and match your child with a more suitable teacher.

Can I choose my child's teacher?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to review the teacher's bio before selecting the teacher. We do not provide a list of teachers to parents becuase we don't want our teachers competing with one another. We have created an equitable system based on the idea that our teachers are of the the highest quality and have your child's academic improvement as a priority. Most teacher bios are marketing blurbs that don't necessary reflect the abilities of the teacher.

Our organization stands by each of its teachers and offers a "Satisfaction Guarantee" to students and their families.

If you have a specific requirements, please submit a teacher request and we can share teachers' profiles if needed.

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